Custom Air Max 90 "Bape Camo" Vegtan Flip

2020 is the Air Max 90 30th Anniversary. Atmos designed 3 colorways of the "flipped" Camo from the OG version released back in 2013. My approach is also a flipped version of the Atmos Air Max 90 Camo, Using vegtan leather as the flipped element. This shoe was completed in early 2019. I wouldn't say that anyone took my idea, but we had a very similar approach on the same shoe.

The shoe base is the Air Max 90 Infrared Snake (2015)

Compare the Bape patterns with the OG Camo. The Bape fabric is deconstructed from the Bape ABC beach shorts.

The other direction I had when I worked on this custom is to associate the elements with Japan - Atmos, vegtan leather, handmade, Bape, etc.

The Flip-Flip

The outer swooshes are removed to show the Bape patterns, and the inner swooshes are replaced with royal blue pythons. 


Custom Air Max 90 "Bape Camo" Vegtan Flip